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At The 2017 Shows

This page features Abys and Somalis who are doing well at shows this year click on any icon to see the corresponding full-page photo and note that the most recent wins are at the top, with earlier wins below them. For the , for the 2014 page, here, for the 2015 page, here. and for the 2015 page, here

In Brisbane:-

The 3-ring QFA Happy New Year show, on 21 Jan, seems to have been the first show in Australia. There were two Aby stars: a kitten and a cat. The kitten was Michael and Sue Shawn's Tawny female, Osiris(V) Marilyn Munroe, (sic) (Gr Ch Osiris(V) Blue Spot X Osiris(V) Norma Jean), was Best SH Kitten (out of 25) and Supreme SH Kitten across the three rings. She is shown below left. Among the cats, The Shawns' Tawny male, Osiris(V) Black Beauty (Osiris(V) CK Obsession X Osiris(V) Maid in Australia) was Best SH Cat (out of 19) in one ring.



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