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This page, initiated in 2003, lists cats and older kittens for whom members of The Abyssinian Breeder club would like to find new homes. Subscribers and other Aby or Somali owners should use this hyperlink contact us by e-mail to find out how to have their adverts placed on this page.

Recently, the following Abys and Somalis have been re-homed after being listed on this page:


107 Abys and Somalis to January 2024, ranging in age from 4 months to 8½ years, from as far apart as Hobart to Brisbane


2-year-old Somali spay in Adelaide (placed in September 2018)


8-month-old Aby spay in Tasmania (placed in December 2018)


4-year-old Aby neuter in NSW (placed in February 2019)


2-year-old Aby neuter in NSW (placed in June 2019)

bullet 5 kittens in VIC (placed in September 2019)

7-year-old Aby spay in Victoria (placed in July 2023)

bullet 3-year-old Aby neuter in Adelaide (placed in January 2024)
bullet 5-year-old Aby neuter in Queensland (placed in January 2024)


Updated on 29-Jan-2024

Akila Abyssinians are taking interviews for a reluctant rehoming of our  ex-breeding girl Tesh aged 8. Fully vaccinated, microchipped, desexed and have no health issues.

Prospective new owners must meet strict criteria listed below:

- must be kept totally indoors, or have access to a secure cat run. 
- need to go to a home with no other pets.
- must not be rehomed again without contacting us first.
Preferably be adopted locally (Brisbane, Queensland) not interstate, however will make an exception for a purrrrrrrrrfect forever home, at new owner's cost for travel.

Please email us on email if genuinely interested. No time wasters please. If not prepared to follow above criteria, especially indoor only policy, please do not contact us.

December 2023


Tawny male Abyssinian, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Located in Brisbane.

December 2023

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