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The Abyssinian Breeder is an Abyssinian and Somali breed magazine, aimed primarily but by no means exclusively at Australian and New Zealand fanciers. It started an A4-sized black & white magazine, generally running to 40 pages, inaugurated in 1983 by George Kennedy and Robin Fisher, and produced by just the former until 2017. In more recent years, new issues were put up on this Web site in February and August each year and now are e-mailed to members, while in December a Guide to Breeding Abyssinians and Somalis in Australia and NZ is compiled and e-mailed to members. The "Guide", compiled from members' inputs, is like a stud guide writ large, including not only male and female cats but also kittens being retained or acquired for breeding.

The Abyssinian Breeder provides Annual Awards, now in their 40th year, for Aby and Somali performance at all shows during a calendar year in Australia and New Zealand. Visit The Abyssinian Breeder Facebook page to see how members' exhibits are performing At The Shows.

An extensive article on the genetics of Abyssinian and Somali coat colour and length inheritance appeared a few years back, updated from a decade earlier. In addition to explanatory details, tables are provided that show colour/coat length expectations from various matings. This article is available on-line (just click on the hyperlink above) and will be retained permanently on the site.

Each issue of The Abyssinian Breeder magazine features current standings in the Annual Awards; Aby and Somali results from shows around Australia and occasionally New Zealand; "Rising Stars" (current "promotions") and "Cats' Cradle" (litters on the ground and in the pipeline); news from around Australia and abroad; features on Abys of importance; photos; reprints of members' cattery cards; and the usual features you would expect to find in a breed magazine. As you can see by checking out the hyperlinks below, much of this is also available online.

In June 2004 a PK deficiency question and answer page was added, with questions produced through a collaborative international effort and answers provided by Dr Urs Giger, PhD MS FVH, Charlotte Newton Sheppard Professor of Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. It was published in the August 2004 issue of The Abyssinian Breeder Magazine, and is accessible via PK Deficiency Q&A

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