wpe1.jpg (5429 bytes)This is the Web home of George and Julie Kennedy's Nile Abyssinians in Sydney (in Australia).

It is also the site for The Abyssinian Breeder, the Abyssinian/Somali magazine edited and produced by George, now in its 34th year. The magazine is now published online (see links below).

It tries to be a window on the Australian Cat Fancy, with information on Aby & Somali standards; how our cat fancy is organised; state & national cat titles; quarantine regulations; and country-wide Aby & Somali contacts.

Finally,  there is an Abyssinian historical section, with photos and other historical information from the Nile archives. Some of the history goes back to the 19th century.

NEW in Oct-Nov 2016: Annual Awards Current Standings; At The Shows; Cats' Cradle; Re-Homing Page; Nile News  


newi.gif (1285 bytes)(28-Nov-16)  Cats' Cradle   Å  Å Kittens Born & Expected

newi.gif (1285 bytes)(13-Nov-16)  At The Shows

newi.gif (1285 bytes)(5-Nov-16)  Annual Awards Current Standings
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Re-Homing Page   Å  Å Older Kittens and Cats Looking for New Homes
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(6-Nov-16)  Nile News 


 The Abyssinian Breeder Magazine - Vol 34

 The Abyssinian Breeder Magazine — Vol 33.1

The Abyssinian Breeder Magazine — Vol 32.2
The Abyssinian Breeder Magazine — Vol 32.1

The Abyssinian Breeder Magazine — Vol 31.2

The Abyssinian Breeder Magazine — Vol 31.1

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