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Born 18-Oct-17

Nile Sangria was mated to Carol Collins' Tawny male import Zahari Easy Rider. The litter was born on 18th October 2017 and consisted of two Tawny and two Cinnamon kittens. Sadly, one of the Tawny kits did not survive due to Ria's lack of milk; however, the rest of the litter is eating solid food and is now thriving. As of February 2018 all the kittens have found new homes. Pictured below is the Tawny male kitten in his new breeding home with Ben & Wendy of Swift Abyssinians in Sydney.



Born 15-Dec-16

Our shortly to be named Gr Ch Abytawe Shirley Bassey's female kitten by Carol Collins's Ch Osiris(V) Sweet Perfection, is just over six weeks old, and doing very well. Her weight is exactly on our average for that age, she now eats all manner solid food, and often gets the run of the whole house, not in the least bothered by the presence of our other cats. The body stocking has come off but there is still scarring from how Shirley used to pick her up.

Note the tufts, best seen against the cardboard in the middle photo.


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