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The Cats' Cradle listings below compiled from inputs  sent in by members of The Abyssinian Breeder club, and are continually updated. People looking for cats or older kittens should go to the Re-homing page.



NOTE: T = Tawny, C = Cinnamon, B = Blue, F = Fawn, Sil = Black Silver, $ = Somali; M = male, F = female

ABYSROK  Born  1-Sept-17; 2TF, 1CF, 1BF, 1FM; Sire: Osiris(V) Blue Spot (BLU carr CIN); Dam: Abysrok Lollapalooza (TWN carr CIN & BLU); Contact: Chrissy Mangin, Brisbane Metropolitan Area, ' 0467 667 416 e*


CAIROCATS Born 26-Mar-17; 1TF; 2CM; Sire: Nile Asterix The Gaul (TWN); Dam; Cairocats Mystic Sands (TWN); Contact: Jeanette Cook, Dayboro, Qld, ' 0417342524 & 07 3425 2491  e*

JOHARI  Born 29-Jun-17; 1TM, 1TF, 1BM; Sire: Zahari Easy Rider (Imp NZ) (TWN carr BLU); Dam; Johari Rhythm Dancer (TWN Carr BLU); Contact: Carol Collins, Sydney Metropolitan Area, ' 02 9724 4202e*


JOHARIBorn 14-Sept-17; 2TM, 1TF; Sire: Zahari Easy Rider (Imp NZ) (TWN carr BLU); Dam; Johari El Tango (TWN); Contact: Carol Collins, Sydney Metropolitan Area, ' 02 9724 4202e*


MERINDALEE  Born 5-Apr-17; 1TM, 1TF; Sire: CCCA Gd Ch Diam Gd Ch Merindalee Harrison Ford (TWN Carr CIN); Dam: Ch Cenglow Ray of Sunshine (CIN); Contact: Eileen & Karel Pittaway, Melbourne Area, ' 0419325521  e*


MERINDALEE  Born 5-Apr-17; 1TM, 1TF, 1CM, 2CF;  Sire: BRZ Gd Ch Merindalee Endeavour (TWN Carr CIN); Dam: Gd Ch Merindalee Madmazel Fifi (CIN); Contact: Eileen & Karel Pittaway, Melbourne Area, ' 0419325521  e*


NILE  Born 18-Oct-17; 1TM, 1CM, 1CF; Sire: Zahari Easy Rider (Imp NZ) (TWN carr CIN & BLU);  Dam: Gld Dbl Gr Ch Nile Sangria (CIN); Contact: Carol or Wendy, Sydney Metropolitan Area, ' 02 9724 4202 or 02 9398 4998  e* or

SWIFT Born 16-June-17;  2TF; 1CF; Sire: Ch Merindalee Dustin Hoffman (TWN carr CIN); Dam; Ch Swift Savannah (TWN carr CIN); Contact: Wendy & Ben, Sydney Metropolitan Area,  '  02 9398 4998   e* 




SWIFT Due 4-Jan-17; Sire: Bz Dbl Gr Ch Kemenkat Razzmatazz (CIN carr BLU); Dam: Swift Dusty Rose (TWN carr BLU); Contact: Wendy & Ben, Sydney Metropolitan Area,  '  02 9398 4998   e* 


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